All About the Philippines

The Philippines - an Archipelago consisting of 7104 islands during high tide and 7641 during low tide (various sources offers slightly different numbers), located in Southeast Asia. Neighboring with Malaysia on the west and Indonesia on he south. Philippines declared it’s independence on June 12th 1898, however they were still under the rule of USA till end of the World War 2.

This quite small island country dividing indian ocean from north pacific ocean have few attributes which makes it an ideal tourist destination. Beautiful tropical beaches or pristine waterfalls, both can be found close to each other.

I have been and I am still traveling quite a lot. Even I live in Australia, originally, I was born in Slovakia so I have traveled most of the European countries. United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece as well as former "eastern block" countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria are on my list of visited places. Since I moved down under I had the pleasure to visit few destination in Asia like Thailand and Singapore, but the Philippines became my most favourite place of all. It’s always smiling people, hospitality, culture and warm climate are just the few of many reasons to mention why.

So far the count of my visits of Philippines is 22 or 23 times (I am not sure as I stopped counting it after some time) and definitely will count many more. My very first visit was in October 2014. I spent few days in Davao and then moved by bus to General Santos. The way took approximately 3 hours in non air-conditioned bus, in temperatures over 30 degrees celsius, but seeing the beauty of local countryside, the green tops of the coconut palm trees everywhere you looked, was worth of it. That first trip woke up my hunger to see and to know more about this country and since then I have visited many places in the Philippines. Siargao, Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Palawan are just few to mention and many more to come in the future. Personally I prefer quiet places than busy ones.

What I like the most about Philippines? Everything. The people are warm and hospitable. They are smiling most of the time. They are very respectful. The quiet beaches without crowds of tourists. The night life in the cities. Everybody, literally everybody can speak english at least at communication level so there is no language barrier unlike in other asian countries. In general I don’t remember a single bad experience during my travels related to people. There were few scam tries by taxi drivers, but it has changed over the years since I visited Philippines for the first time and taxi drivers are the same in all countries around the globe not just in the Philippines.

This blog is just a travel diary, a collection of memories, knowledge and experiences which may serve you as advices for your travels or let's say an itinerary. One of the reasons why I decided to make a blog is, that I wanted to share my first hand experience to people to have better overview of the Philippines. Showcasing the country's beauty is the main purpose too. Because I can promise, if you visit Philippine once, you will tell yourself that you will come back every time you will can.