All About the Philippines

They said "Love your own". Therefore as a lover of my own country, I was inclined to write blogs pertaining to the fascinating captures about my beloved homeland.

I am Kim, 23 years old and residing in Cebu, Philippines. I am with my partner here - my partner in crime, mostly in every single thing I do. His name is Igor, 39, Slovak and now living in Sydney, Australia. It's kind a new thing for him and for me because he works as a php developer while I am employed in the call center industry(bpo). He is used to work on websites while I am used to picking up calls from Americans who needs lending (business loan, student loan or to avail a solar). At this juncture, it is different because it is outside of our field of experience. Writing has never been my passion, tho writing a blog seems interesting especially when you are going to tackle your country(The Philippines).

Me and my boyfriend has been traveling from Luzon, through Visayas to Mindanao or let's say from North to South of the Philippines. I never thought that my country has that much to offer. I was wondering before why there are many foreigners coming here when I myself, a local or a native did not even seen exciting activities or sceneries that my beloved country offered me. I always thought that traveling abroad is the best and much better than starting travels in the land where I was born and raised. Well, yes, traveling abroad can be great and I will certainly do it one day.

I was only 16 when I started traveling, it was around North of Cebu, where I was with my friends. It was a really great experience. At that time, I told myself that I will travel as much as I can. People say "YOLO" which means "you only live once". Who doesn't love traveling? Probably everyone loves it! It is not a need but a want. I love ice cream so much, and to me, traveling is just as how I love licking an ice cream in a cone while I watch the sunset in a shipyard in my hometown (Liloan).

This blog is just our travel diary, a collection of knowledge and experiences which may serve you as advices for your travels or let's say an itinerary. One of the reasons why we decided to make a blog is, that we wanted to share our own experience to you(the reader) and to your friends for a better overview of the Philippines. Showcasing the country's beauty is the main purpose tho. Because we promise, you will tell yourself that you will come back to the country when you will can. I think that's enough guarantee why you should love ALL ABOUT PHILIPPINES, because it offers the real life you should expect.