What is the cost of accommodation in the Philippines ?

Are you wondering how much is the common pricing or cost of accomodations in the Philippines?

At the time of writing this post, I just returned from my 13th trip in the Philippines and have already booked my next trip back this coming December. During our previous trips, we experienced a lot in various places where we stayed. Some were really good, while some were not so good. But still not bad when I take in account ...


From our very first travel and our first very own trip together. We chose Bohol, an island located south of Cebu which is a part of the Visayas Islands. There are more ways how to get there. If you're in Manila, you can fly by plane directly to Tagbilaran City, which is the biggest city on the island and province capital, or you can ...

Boracay Island

Probably everyone who have some interest in tropical destinations has already heard about the jewel of the PhilippinesBoracay. A small island in province Aklan, one hour flight from Manila. The white sand beaches are one amongst the other reasons why Boracay is placed almost every year in top 10 holiday destinations of the world. Beautiful pictures of luxurious ...

Taxi scams in the Philippines?

You may read or heard somewhere that taxi drivers in the Philippines are usually unfair to foreigners and they think that you, as a foreigner and visitor do not deserve a fair ride for a fair price. It is probably same every where in the world that taxi drivers are trying to take advantage of tourists and it is same in the Philippines, even tho, not significantly more often than anywhere else.

Well from my ...

How to get cheap taxi fare from Manila Airport

If you are planning to visit the Philippines and considering to book a hotel in Manila for the first time, this advice can be quite handy and you can save over 60% on your trip from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to your hotel. Let's assume you booked, or you will book a hotel in Makati which is part of Manila ...

How to fly cheap to the Philippines

Many people consider Philippines as an expensive destination in matter of the flight cost. Yes, the cost of the flight can exceed the planned budget and actually it is the most expensive part of your trip if you will choose this archipelagic country as your holiday destination. However there are still ways how to get there for a very affordable price from almost any place on the Earth.

If ...

All About the Philippines

The Philippines - an Archipelago consisting of 7104 islands during high tide and 7641 during high tide (various sources offers slightly different numbers), located in Southeast Asia. Neighboring with Malaysia on the west and Indonesia on he south. Philippines declared it’s independence on June 12th 1898, however they were still under the rule of USA till end of the World War 2.

This quite small island country ...

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BARMM government reports stable prices amid COVID-19 quarantine

Thu, 2 Apr 2020 14:25:00 +0800

"By and large, the business sector in BARMM is cooperating with our efforts to lighten the situation of residents whose means of livelihood and mobility were unduly curtailed by this quarantine process," Taddik said.

Medical City denies protective gear raid rumors

Thu, 2 Apr 2020 11:37:00 +0800

The debunked posts include allegations that PPE donations to the hospital from private individuals and organizations were confiscated and redistributed for political motives.

Fast-track release of aid for affected Filipinos, DOLE and DSWD told

Thu, 2 Apr 2020 09:14:00 +0800

(As released) Sen. Bong Go urged the government on Wednesday, April 1 to expedite the release of financial assistance to displaced workers through the Department of Labor and Employment and vulnerable sectors through the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Residents of North Cotabato town protest planned use of hospital as COVID-19 facility

Wed, 1 Apr 2020 17:39:00 +0800

Residents of President Roxas town picketed the entrance of a state-run hospital in opposition to its possible conversion into a COVID-19 isolation facility.

Mountain Province town to rely on traditional support systems during Luzon lockdown

Wed, 1 Apr 2020 15:12:00 +0800

Mayor Gabino Ganggangan assured his constituents that no family shall go hungry in Sadanga even during these hard times.